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SILOG = Sinangag + Itlog (fried rice and egg)… Filipino breakfast combination for champions!

  • Disilog
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    Dilisilog by Angie Pastor.

    SiLog is a popular Filipino breakfast combination of sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg).

    There is often a third component to complete a trifecta. In this case, it is dilis (anchovies).

  • Almusal: Tusilog at Kape
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    Photo by Ahljhon Miranda of a favorite Filipino breakfast combination. Tuyosilog (tuyo, sinangag, itlog) Dried fish + Fried rice + Fried egg Almusal is the Filipino word for “breakfast.” The native Tagalog word is agahan, from the word aga (“early”).

  • Chicken Tosilog
    Chicken Tosilog
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    Chicken Tosilog Pinoy Breakfast by Jeric Travis. Tosilog is Tocino + Sinangag + Itlog. That’s tocino, fried rice and egg. In the case of Jeric’s photo, it’s not just the usual fried egg, but a salted egg (itlog na maalat) as well.

  • Embusilog
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    Embusilog by Angie Pastor.

    A -silog combination consisting of embutido, sinangag and itlog.

    Great for breakfast. 🙂