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The Chinese-derived Tagalog word for “tofu” is tokwa. In Philippine cuisine, tofu is usually fried and mixed with pork, sometimes beef and/or vegetables.

  • Tokwa't Baboy in Bowl with Spoon
    Tokwa’t Baboy
    Posted in: General Info

    Tokwa’t Baboy (Tofu & Pork) by Kaycel Corral. Recipe with more photos and information to be added after the site revamp. Please check back. Thanks!

  • Tokwa't Baka
    Tokwa’t Baka
    Posted in: Meat

    Photos by Jeric Travis. Tokwa’t Baka (Tofu & Beef) from Carinderia ni Tandang Sora in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    For those who don’t have than much of a liking for pork or are prohibited from eating the so-called other white meat, Tokwa’t Baka (Tofu & Beef) is a great alternative.