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Arce Dairy

Arce Dairy: Ice-Cream Cans

Arce Dairy is a popular brand of ice-cream originated by and genuinely made in the Philippines by Filipinos.

The company’s ice-cream flavors include mango, coffee, cookies n cream, and “Dark Chocolate Lite” with no sugar added.

Arce Dairy's Buko Lechias Sorbet

Arce Dairy’s Buko Lechias Sorbet (coconut lychee sherbet)

Other sorbet flavors manufactured by Arce Dairy: Calamansi, plain Buko

The “native” flavors of Sorbete de Caro etc: Atis Delight, Avocado, Buko, Buko Lechia, Calamansi Lemon, Durian, Macapuno, Nanca, Macapuno con Nanca, Manga (that’s not a misspelling of the Tagalog word Mangga, but a combination of Mango + Gata because it’s mangoes and coconut milk!), Mantecado Lite, Quezo Real, Sweet Corn, Ube Lite

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