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Champurado with Milk in White Bowl

Featured photo by Mary Rizale.

The word is from the Spanish champurrado, a traditional hot drink in Latin America.

In the Philippines, tsamporado / tsampurado / champorado / champurado is chocolate-flavored rice porridge.

Champorado is made by cooking malagkit (sticky or glutinous rice) with cocoa powder.

After placing the cooked mixture in a bowl, some milk is poured on top and oftentimes brown sugar is added. It is traditionally served with tuyo (dried fish) for breakfast, but is also a favorite snack.

Daing & Champorado: Filipino Rainy Weather Food

Daing & Champorado: Filipino Rainy Weather Food

In this photo taken by Kaycel Corral, the dried fish is daing and not tuyo.

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