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Malunggay leaves. Photo by Angie Pastor.

Malunggay leaves. Photo by Angie Pastor.

Scientific name: Moringa oleifera

Moringa is a tree known as sajina in South Asian countries like India. In English, it is sometimes called referred to as horseradish tree or horseradish plant, although it’s a different species from the horseradish that Westerners know.

Dahon ng malunggay (moringa leaves) are widely used in Philippine cuisine, particularly in Filipino soups and broths like tinola and dinengdeng. They are rich in vitamins A and C and iron.

Bunga ng malunggay (the fruit pods) can also be used in vegetable dishes like dinengdeng or pinakbet.

More photos, recipes and information to be added soon. Please check back! 🙂

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Really nutritious… just recently learned that its English name is moringa.