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Vegetables in Philippine Cuisine… The Tagalog word for “vegetable” is gulay.

  • Ampalaya Leaves
    Dahon ng Ampalaya
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    Photo by Angie Pastor of Dahon ng Ampalaya (Bitter-Gourd Leaves).

    Can be used in chicken tinola or sauteed with other ingredients, such as with mung beans.

  • Pako (Fern)
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    Pako (Fern). Photo by An Analie.

    Green and nutritious, pako is great for salads!

  • Upo (Bottle Gourd)
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    Upo is called a bottle gourd in English because of its elongated shape. The plant has the scientific name Lagenaria siceraria. Its fruit is a very popular vegetable in the Philippines.

  • Takway vegetable of Capiz
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    “Poor man’s asparagus” is what people of Capiz call the takway vegetable.

  • Papait leaves (Sarsalida)
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    Papait leaves (Sarsalida)… Photo by voxmarc. Scientific name: Mollugo subserrata Blanco This papait is from the Ilocos region. There are other similar plants with different scientific names in neighboring provinces that have been called papait.

  • kangkong
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    Scientific name: Ipomoea aquatica

    Kangkong is a popular vegetable in the Philippines. It’s been called “water spinach” or “swamp cabbage” in English because it grows in water.

  • sauteed beans
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    Ginisang Sitaw (sautéed beans) by Mildred Cruz.

    These are the yardlong beans.

  • Ginisang Chicharo
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    Ginisang Chicharó (Sautéed Peapods) by Mildred Cruz.

    Chicharó are snowpea pods. They are very nutritious and crunchy when cooked right. The pea plant’s scientific name is Pisum sativum.

  • Ginisang Sayote
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    Featured photo is Ginisang Sayote by Mommy Shelette.

    Sayote is what Spanish speakers call chayote. In English, it’s been called mirliton and vegetable pear.