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Potchi candies inside bag

Potchi is the name of a popular line of gummi candies from the Columbia Candy Company of the Philippines.

The most widely enjoyed variant is Strawberry Cream.

Potchi Strawberry Cream

Bag of Potchi Strawberry Cream

Each individual Strawberry Cream candy is a fat and fluffy small gummy with a round pink top and a flat white base. It is covered in crystallized sugar, which makes its outside texture crunchy. The inside though is very soft.

potchi candies

Potchi Strawberry Cream Gummi Candy of the Philippines!

Another variant of Potchi is chocolate-covered gummi, which comes not only in the classic strawberry flavor, but also in grape!

Potchi Choco Gummy: grape flavor

Potchi Choco Gummy: chocolate-coated, grape and strawberry flavors

Then there’s Potchi Plus, which is Gummy Worms!

Potchi Gummy Worms

Potchi Gummy Worms

Ingredients: sugar, glucose, gelatin, citric acid, nature identical & artificial food flavors, artificial food colors with tartrazine

FatFree Food! Halal!

Potchi Candy Label: Ingredients, Price

Potchi Candy Label: Ingredients, Price

Each tub contains approximately 120 pieces, i.e., worms. Net weight: 25.87 ounces or 450 grams.

Suggested retail price: 1.00 peso each. FR-94820

* Display and store in cool dry place away from direct sunlight and high temperature.

Manufactured by Columbia International Food Products in Navotas City, Philippines.

Address: 128 J.L. Escoda Street. Telephone number: 254-888

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