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Ginisa = Sautéed

  • Filipino bittergourd dish
    Ginisang Ampalaya
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    Featured photo of Ginisang Ampalaya by Mayette Garcia

    Ampalaya is the Tagalog word for “bitter gourd” or “bitter melon.” Ginisa means “sautéed.” Here is a simple recipe for sautéed bitter gourd in Philippine cuisine.

  • Ginisang Munggo
    Ginisang Munggo
    Posted in: General Info

    Ginisang Munggo by Jeric Travis… Sauteed mung beans is a popular dish in the Philippines. It can be flavored with pork or shrimp, and topped or mixed with some crushed chicharon.

  • sauteed beans
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    Ginisang Sitaw (sautéed beans) by Mildred Cruz.

    These are the yardlong beans.

  • Ginisang Chicharo
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    Ginisang Chicharó (Sautéed Peapods) by Mildred Cruz.

    Chicharó are snowpea pods. They are very nutritious and crunchy when cooked right. The pea plant’s scientific name is Pisum sativum.

  • Ginisang Sayote
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    Featured photo is Ginisang Sayote by Mommy Shelette.

    Sayote is what Spanish speakers call chayote. In English, it’s been called mirliton and vegetable pear.

  • Photo of Ginisang Burong Mustasa
    Ginisang Burong Mustasa
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    MGA SANGKAP / INGREDIENTS 3 puswelong burong mustasa (hiwa-hiwa) 1/4 kilong hipon 1 sibuyas 1 kamatis 1 itlog ng manok 2 butil na bawang Igisa ang bawang, sibuyas, kamatis, at hipon. Isunod ang burong mustasa, at makaraan ang ilang sandaling pagkulo sa mantika ay sabawan ng 1 puswelong katas ng hipon. Haluin habang hindi kumukulo. […]