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In the past… like a few decades ago in the 1950s, these macapuno coconuts were considered useless and were thrown away because they could not be converted into copra… Today, macapuno is a very popular flavor… almost as popular as ube… Macapuno preserves (often strings or shreds bottled in heavy sugar syrup) are used as in an ingredient in haluhalo… Macapuno flavors candies, tarts, and ice cream!

How to make macapuno at home? You boil the coconut shreds with sugar! Here’s a rough estimate for a recipe… For every kilogram of grated macapuno, add three quarters of a cup of white sugar and 250 milliliters of water. Cook until the strings turn translucent. They will go from solid white to almost transparent.

  • Classic Tall Glass for Haluhalo
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    Photo by Tarshera of HALUHALO, an icy Filipino treat that is most popular during the very hot summer season in the Philippines, in April and May. It’s a hodgepodge of sweetened preserved fruits, evaporated milk, and crushed ice topped with ice cream or leche flan.

  • Macapuno candies
    Macapuno Candy
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    Macapuno is a very special kind of soft coconut meat. Considered a delicacy in the Philippines, it is preserved in heavy sugar syrup, usually as long shreds. You can buy bottled macapuno, which can be used as an ingredient in haluhalo. It is also a popular flavor of ice cream.

  • Ube-Macapuno Cake
    Ube-Macapuno Cake
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    Ube-macapuno cakes come in various shapes and sizes, but they all have it common the awesome pairing of two of the Philippines’ most favored flavors — ube (purple yam) and macapuno (special coconut). The cake in the photo is topped with macapuno strings!

  • Fudgee Barr Macapuno
    Fudgee Barr – Macapuno
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    Fudgee Barr Macapuno cream-filled cake bar… Product of Rebisco… Macapuno is a “mutant” coconut species the grows in the Philippines… The company also has other creamy fillings for their cake bars, such as Vanilla, Mocha and Durian.