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Pork in Filipino Cuisine

  • Pork Salpicao with Chorizo and Garlic
    Pork Salpicao
    Posted in: Meat

    “Super tender pork salpicao with chorizo slices and lots of garlic” by Mayette M. Garcia. Salpicao is usually beef. Here it is pork! 🙂

  • Pork Steak Bistek Style
    Pork Steak
    Posted in: Meat

    Featured Photo is Pork Steak bistek style by Mayette M. Garcia.

    This is the pork version of the popular bistek (Filipino beefsteak).

  • Tidtad (Kapampangan Dinuguan)
    Posted in: Meat

    Tidtad (Kapampangan Dinuguan). Photo taken by Angie Pastor at Apag Marangle. For orders in Manila, 09369815475. What differentiates Pampanga’s tidtad from the more widely known Filipino dish dinuguan is that the blood used is not the thick liquid form, but solid coagulated chunks! The chunks of blood in the dish look like pieces of liver. […]

  • Crispy Pata, KareKare
    Crispy Pata
    Posted in: Meat

    Photo by Kaycel Corral Crispy Pata on the left (Kare-Kare on the right) The word pata refers to the pork leg. Come back for more photos and discussion after our site update is complete. Salamat!

  • Dinakdakan
    Posted in: Meat

    Dinakdakan… Photo by voxmarc. This is an iconic dish of the Ilocano people. It’s similar to the sisig of Pampanga province and consists of parts of a pig’s face, like the ears and cheeks. Recipe and more information about dinakdakan will be posted after the website upgrade. Please check back. Thank you!

  • Tokwa't Baboy in Bowl with Spoon
    Tokwa’t Baboy
    Posted in: General Info

    Tokwa’t Baboy (Tofu & Pork) by Kaycel Corral. Recipe with more photos and information to be added after the site revamp. Please check back. Thanks!

  • Pork Sinigang
    Video: How To Cook Pork Sinigang
    Posted in: Recipes

    Video by Mayette Garcia: How To Cook Pork Sinigang   Ingredients: baby back ribs + liempo (pork belly), gabi (taro), sampalok (tamarind)… ONE RECIPE FOR A PARTICULAR SINIGANG NA BABOY 1 kilogram pork liempo or beef 2 pcs. tomato 1 pc onion 2 pcs. siling mahaba 100 grams tamarind 1 bundle of kangkong 1 pc. […]

  • Lechon Liempo Rolls
    Posted in: Meat

    Chinese in origin, the word liempo refers to pork belly. It is also spelled liyempo in traditional Tagalog orthography.

  • Liyempo - Step #5: Put in a Super-Hot Oven
    How to Make Lechon Liempo
    Posted in: Meat

    Photos and Instructions by Johnard Garcia. How to make Lechon Liempo (Roasted Pork Belly) for when you can’t roast a whole pig! Step 1 – Ibabad sa brine ang karne nang magdamag. Step 2 – maghiwa ng maraming sibuyas. Step 3 – iahon ang karne at patuyuin, lagyan ng kung anu-anong mga rekado…

  • Filipino pork chop
    Pork Chop
    Posted in: Meat

    Photo of Pork Chop by Ahljhon Miranda: “Eat it while it’s crispy!” Sawsawan right by it. Check back again after the website upgrade for more photos and content. Thank you for your patience!