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Special Tikoy

Photo of Special Tikoy by Angie Pastor. Sweet Taste “Savor the Unique Flavor.” Glutinous Rice Cake. For orders in Manila, 09369815475.

During Lunar New Year festivities in the Philippines, tikoy is the most popular treat — as iconic as the Chinese New Year’s cake nian gao is in other countries. In fact, tikoy is said to be based on the nian gao of southern China from where Fukienese immigrants to the Philippines came.

Tikoy is made from sticky or glutinous rice that is ground into flour and then mixed with lard, water and sugar. Using white sugar produces white tikoy and using brown sugar produces brown tikoy. Other popular flavors include green pandan and purple ube.

Even non-Chinese Filipinos buy tikoy in boxes during this time of year to give to business associates.

Store-bought tikoy is chilled in the refrigerator to make it easy to slice into small pieces. The tikoy slices are dipped in a bowl of beaten eggs and then fried in oil.

Tikoy pieces, cooked

Tikoy pieces, cooked

Date of Chinese New Year 2017: January 28, Saturday

It’s the Year of the Rooster!

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