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Vegetables in Philippine Cuisine… The Tagalog word for “vegetable” is gulay.

  • Photo of Alugbati by Angie Pastor
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    Photo of Alugbati by Angie Pastor. The alugbati vine has been described as a “Malabar nightshade herb with red stems and edible spinach-like leaves.” Scientific name: Basella rubra Considered a very nutritious gulay (vegetable) in the Philippines, the stems with leaves still on can be simply boiled and then dipped in toyomansi (soy sauce and […]

  • Talong (Eggplant)
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    The Tagalog word for ‘eggplant’ is talong. What you see in the photo is by far the most common variety of eggplant grown and consumed in the Philippines. Popular Filipino dishes with eggplant as a prominent ingredient: tortang talong (eggplant omelette), pinakbet

  • Apan-Apan
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    Apan-Apan is the Ilonggo version of adobong kangkong with tsitsaron.