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Cheap Filipino Snacks

Cheap Filipino Snacks, Bottle of UFC Hot Sauce

Photo by Soundtech27: four packs of cheap Filipino junk food with a bottle of UFC Hot Sauce Spicier Blend 100g.

Chippy and Chiz Curls are posh compared to these peso snacks!

The lineup of junk food:

  • Regent’s Crispy Tilapia
  • Sizzling Bangus Fish Crackers
  • Gold Medal Foods’ Ma’am Inasal Ulam Crackers
  • 707 Lechon Manok Crackers by Pan Fisher Enterprise

These are ulam crackers… Each of their flavors is supposed to mimic a particular “viand” (the main part of a Filipino meal that is paired with rice).

Soundtech27’s prognostication is that these instant ulam will be replacing meals in the future.

More information, such as the list of ingredients, will be posted as it becomes available!

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