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San Miguel Gold Label Ice Cream

San Miguel Gold Label

Despite the fact that the San Miguel Company of the Philippines created the Magnolia Ice Cream brand in the 1920s, under current United States law SMC is prohibited from selling its Pinoy ice cream in the USA under the Magnolia name.

Why can’t San Miguel sell its own product using a brand that it had created? Because the Quesada family of Northern California trademarked the Magnolia trade dress (including the iconic decades-old logo) with the US Patent & Trademark Office. The Quesadas’ Ramar Foods has been viciously suing San Miguel to keep the Philippine company from using Magnolia for any product stateside, specifically butter, margarine, and cheese. Ramar’s piracy of the Magnolia brand is what Filipino Americans refer to as the OMGpeke scandal. The news blew up in 2015 when Ramar humiliatingly lost in court on the Butter, Margarine and Cheese issue. Magnolia Ice Cream USA #OMGpeke

Notwithstanding the 2015 legal victory on the BMC issue, San Miguel is still prohibited by current law from selling Magnolia Ice Cream in the United States. It is now marketing its product under the Gold Label brand and it has to be careful not to refer to its product as Magnolia or ice cream because of United States law. Foreign standards demand that it be called mellorine stateside, frozen dessert (dessert glacée) in Canada, and ice confectionery in Australia.

Sabi ng iba, Pinoy ice cream daw sila.
Ang sinasabi namin, check the label.
Dahil ang tunay na The Best of the Philippines may sarap na galing sa Pilipinas.
Go look for the Gold. San Miguel Gold Label. Best of the Philippines. Bili na.

From the Makers of the Philippines’ First Name in Ice Cream.

San Miguel Pure Foods.
Manufactured for Magnolia Inc.,
A subsidiary of San Miguel Corporation. Product of the Philippines.

Fresh Mangoes from Guimaras.
Magnolia Best of the Philippines MANGOES & CREAM flavor.

Also available in the Phlippines, Dubai and Hong Kong as Magnolia Best of the Philippines.

Magnolia Best of the Philippines UBE KESO flavor.

Ube from Good Shepherd. Ube Jam.
Mountain Maid Training Center Good Shepherd Baguio City.
You help send us through college each time you buy our products. — Cordillera Youth

Call to Action

Be sure to inform your Filipino American friends that the Magnolia Ice Cream USA of Ramar Foods has nothing whatsoever to do with the San Miguel Magnolia Ice Cream we grew up eating in the Philippines. In fact, the USA company Ramar has maliciously been persecuting San Miguel in U.S. courts. Fortunately, every time the case comes before a jury or an appeals court, Ramar’s shoddy logic fails to sway the rational decision-makers.

Especially the AlDub fans in the United States and Canada who think they’re supporting Maine and Tisoy by buying Magnolia… You are not… Hindi ba ninyo napansin na walang AlDub flavors sa Tate? Kasi nga walang kaugnayan ang “Magnolia” USA sa Magnolia Philippines na ine-endorse nina MaiChard.

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