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Philippine-made products… Proudly made in the Philippines…

Note to Filipinos overseas… ALWAYS CHECK THE LABEL… There are many foreign companies that use similar or even the exact same logo as the products you grew up with in the Philippines — yet are NOT affiliated with the original creator of the product in the Philippines.

The most egregious example is the Magnolia Ice Cream in the United States… It uses the exact same oval logo as the Magnolia Ice Cream developed by the San Miguel Corporation in the Philippines… Many Filipino Americans assume there must be a licensing agreement of some sort… NO, THERE IS NOT.

If you’ve been wondering why the Magnolia Ice Cream in the USA tastes so different from the Magnolia Ice Cream you grew up eating in the Philippines… it’s because they’re made by two UNRELATED companies… Ramar Foods of Northern California is using the Magnolia oval logo WITHOUT cooperation from San Miguel.

The recipes are different… The source of the ingredients is different.

San Miguel can only market its “frozen dessert” as Gold Label in North America.

Beware… Tangkilikin ang sariling atin.