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  • Ampalaya Leaves
    Dahon ng Ampalaya
    Posted in: Vegetables

    Photo by Angie Pastor of Dahon ng Ampalaya (Bitter-Gourd Leaves).

    Can be used in chicken tinola or sauteed with other ingredients, such as with mung beans.

  • Chicken adobo with rice, and salted egg on banana leaf.
    Chicken Adobo
    Posted in: Meat

    Photo by Jeric Travis of chicken adobo with rice and salted egg on banana leaf. Adobong manok na may kasamang itlog na maalat at kanin. Nakahain sa dahon ng saging. Recipe to be posted soon!

  • Pangat na Kitang
    Pinangat na Kitang
    Posted in: Fish

    Pinangat na Kitang by Leon Natalie.

    In Philippine cuisine, kitang is the name of a fish, while pinangat is the method of cooking by simmering with vinegar.

  • Sapsap na Pinangat sa Kamias
    Posted in: Fish

    Featured photo by ohlanv235.

    The fish called sapsap in Tagalog belongs to the family Leiognathidae. It is often identified by the scientific name Gazza achlamys.

    In English, it’s been called slipmouth fish or ponyfish.

  • Fried Sesame Balls
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Balls of glutinous-rice flour deep-fried and then covered with sesame seeds.

  • Lokot-Lokot
    Posted in: Filipino Snacks

    Also known as Zambo Rolls — from the Zamboanga peninsula of the large island of Mindanao in southern Philippines!

    Lokot-lokot is a crunchy, golden brown delicacy produced and served during special occasions.

  • buli
    Posted in: Fruits

    Photo of Buli Fruits by Mildred Cruz.

    Also known as silag or budyawi.

  • Calamansi Fruits Sliced into Halves
    Posted in: Fruits

    Calamansi is the citrus fruit of the Philippines! It’s very round and fairly small… In fact, one can’t think of a smaller-sized citrus fruit… Hmm… Calamansi juice cleanse, anyone?